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november 3, 2017 door Justyna

If you really want to enjoy your meal you need to have a good light: to see what you have on you your board and, equally important, to see your tablemates.

A dining table takes a central place at your home; you eat there, but also work, read or play with children. That’s why having a proper hanging lamp above your dining table is crucial.

Choosing the right one, that fits the style of your room and meets all your wishes is quite a tricky task, and yet the final result depends on many factors.

Do you want to know which ones? Read my tips how to choose the best hanging lamp.


  1. Height of the table and the length of the lamp


Have you ever wondered how high should you hang the lamp above the table? To achieve the most optimal result the lamp should be hanging between 60 and 75 cm above the top of the table. The exact distance depends on the size of the hanging lamp, the height of the table and the height of the room. By simply adjusting the height of the lamp you can create a different atmosphere: if you want a more dramatic playful effect, hang the lamp higher; if you want to have more intimate light focused on the table, hang the lamp slightly lower above the table.

Remember, however:

If the lamp hangs too low it can shine straight in your eyes or obscure the view of the person sitting on the opposite side of the table.

If the lamp hangs too high you may get too little light, or your beautiful lamp stops to be an eye-catcher.


  1. Size of the lamp


Always match the size of the hanging lamp to the room where it is going to hang and pay attention to the proportions. A very big lamp in a small or low ceiling room may be overwhelming and make the room look smaller. On the other hand, small lamp in a spacious room may ‘disappear’.


  1. Shape and size of the table


Not only the size of the room matters, the shape (and size) of the table is also an important factor in choosing the right hanging lamp. If you have a square or round table, the light is usually distributed equally over the whole table. But if you have a long rectangular or oval table, only the middle of the table gets the light. Therefore make sure that you match the shape of the lamp to the shape of the table: choose elongated or multiple hanging lamps above long shaped table and single round lamps above square or round table. A small table requires one lamp; a bigger table seating six and more people will require more than one lamp unless it is a very big lamp.


  1. Type of the light source


The atmosphere at the table is very important. That’s why the warm light is the best. Selecting a hanging lamp, choose the one with a dimmer, it will allow you to adjust the strength of the light and create different ambiance.


  1. Position of the table


If your table is placed against the wall you can choose for the standing floor lamp or the wall lamp that is hanging above the table.

If your table stands in the middle of the room, make sure that the lamp(s) hang precisely in the middle of the table or in case of multiple lamps symmetrically above the table.


Pictures source: Pinterest

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