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Green up – nieuwe manieren om planten te integreren in uw interieur

maart 14, 2016 door Justyna

I love to have plants home. They bring the interior to live and create a fresh and exciting touch in your interior.

The days when plants were used to fill in an empty corner in the living room are long gone. Nowadays, plants are an integral part of the home decor, and the indoor gardening trend is still growing strong in the interior design.

I am constantly busy with looking for new ways of interior decorating, and I have come across some creative ideas of integrating plants in the interior, that I want to share with you. I could sum up them with one word, Green Islands. It’s not about having bits and pieces of your plants spread around your home but placing them together to create groups.


Potted plants on a bar trolley are very popular. This is just one of the many uses they currently get. You can find them in antique brass, iron, open basket shelves style, polished stainless steel or wood. Anything you like. There have never been so many possibilities and ways of styling it. An added plus is that you can easily move it around your home.


I love an idea of going creative and turning the standard furniture or objects of everyday use into plant stands. You can recycle ladders, suitcases and drawers or just use a table to display plants in a way that will create a green eye catcher.


And that’s the one I like best. It is a very simple yet attractive way of displaying plants: group plants together on the floor and create your own jungle style depending on your space and mood. You can choose plants with larger leaves for a tropical feel or cluster many cactuses for a more dessert feel approach.


If you lack free space, this is a perfect solution! Hang the plants around your house: on the ceiling, on the wall, in the window, and create your own compositions. Possibilities are limitless.

Get inspiration from collected photos, and green up your home!

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