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BEDROOM LIGHTING – what lamps are the best for bedroom?

december 15, 2017 door Justyna

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, lighting is often forgotten in the excitement of choosing bedding and furniture, along with picking a color scheme. That’s a pity because good lighting is a very important element of design in every room of the home. Don’t merely set a lamp beside your bed and call it done; use the following ideas to create a functional and beautiful lighting plan for your own bedroom


Unless your bedroom is extremely small, it needs more than one source of light. Various combinations of bedside lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and mood lighting make it easy to read in bed, get dressed and undressed, enjoy romance, and relax.


Ceiling light

A central ceiling light will cast a good even glow around the entire room that’s perfect for general everyday tasks, such as getting dressed on dark mornings, cleaning and putting away laundry.

Choose a light-colored shade teamed with a low-watt bulb so it doesn’t appear too harsh.

Reading lamps

Book lovers should balance a relaxing glow with suitable brightness so vision doesn’t become strained.

Height-adjustable, wall-mounted lamps are a versatile option but make sure they’re well shielded so you don’t see the bulb, and you can read without disturbing your partner.

Lights as decoration

As well as illuminating your bedroom, lighting can also be used as a stylish accessory.

Choose a pendant, or go for a sculptural or supersize style and create a bold feature.

Romantic lighting

Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or a relaxing haven, soft accent lighting is key to setting the tone in your bedroom.

Installing a dimmer switch with different settings is a quick and easy way to set the scene, but clusters of candles and strings of fairy lights work just as well.

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Justyna Remijn, Unique Space Creator and Interior Designer at Inside Creations. Justyna with her background in psychology is good in ‘reading’ other people and has excellent skills in understanding client’s needs. Her interior projects are unique and beautiful spaces inspired by her clients and created for their comfort and happiness.




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