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Cooking on a PINK cloud – pink kitchen ideas

november 13, 2018 door Justyna

We are used to employ pink in color scheme for children rooms, and bedrooms. But, kitchen? Not so popular choice.. I am wondering why?


When we think pink, we associate it automatically with a female girly thing. It is so deeply rooted in our western culture, while this strong division wasn’t always the case and is not universal. The gender identification by color only began in the early 20th Century, and in other cultures, like Japan, pink has been always associated with masculine traits.

What a soft pink actually stands for is tenderness, a feeling focused on being close to each other, careful and thoughtful. It is the most cuddling color, used for a familiar love. Did you know that a soft warm pink has a calming effect on people? It also evokes a feeling of happiness and optimism.

Kitchen is the heart of our homes. Here we start our day at the breakfast and come together in the evening to share a dinner. And it somehow always becomes a central place of each party, where everybody seems to be drawn. Sounds like the coziest place on earth, and pink with its happy uplifting vibe can be a perfect match.

Soft warm pink is a great contrast tone for so many other colors. It can be used solo or, if you are vary of the too pretty-softy effect, in combination with green, grey or dark blue. Choose copper details and accessories – it’s as warming as the blush color it complements.
I have gathered a few beautiful inspiring examples to put you in a pink mood.


Pictures Source: Pinterest

Justyna Remijn, Unique Space Creator and Interior Designer at Inside Creations. Justyna with her background in psychology is good in ‘reading’ other people and has excellent skills in understanding client’s needs. Her interior projects are unique and beautiful spaces inspired by her clients and created for their comfort and happiness.

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