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Keep calm and LOVE YELLOW – how to create a happy space with yellow

juni 5, 2016 door Justyna

Yellow has been labeled as a tricky color when it comes to home decorating. It is not so universal and neutral as white or gray, obviously, but once used correctly and in the right shade, it can create an amazing effect and bring a smile to your face.

Yellow adds optimism to your home, prompting feelings of happiness in all who enter. Yellow activates memory, promotes communication and sparks creativity. Muted yellow works well as a soothing neutral. A sun-kissed yellow brings the warmth of summer inside your home. A pale yellow can make a compact room feel larger. The wide spectrum of yellow shades gives you flexibility in designing rooms with a feel-good ambiance.

I am not a big fun of decorating the whole room in yellow, but I love to use yellow accents. It is like creating your little private suns.

It can be an accessory as a pillow, decorative object, a piece of furniture or painting. It can be actually anything that we want to draw an attention to.

Yellow has a wonderful ability to highlight anything that bears it and works perfectly to accentuate an architectonic detail of your interior: stairs, doors, window frame or even radiator.

If you are a fan of a neutral light interior, a yellow detail or furniture will emphasize the light effect and create an impression of freshness and sunshine.

You can also use yellow paint to transform an empty wall: paint only a part of the wall, the part you want to highlight or create a mural in a form of a circle, for example.

A few important things to remember:

  • Always pick the shade of yellow that resonates with you, not because it’s in fashion or because everyone else has it. The colors you pick are an expression of your personality.
  • The best rooms in which to use yellow are hallways as these are usually dark and yellow is a welcoming color and also in the kitchen or bathroom to help create a sunny, happy way to start the day.
  • It is best to avoid using too much yellow in the bedroom. To sleep in a room that is decorated using yellow will mean that over time you’ll wake up irritable and annoyed. An exception is yellow curtains; even on the cloudy day, a daylight that filters through will create an impression of sunshine.

Let the sunshine into your design with inspiration from ‘yellow’ rooms above.

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