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april 4, 2016 door Justyna


8 inspirational ideas how to paint your stairs


If your home is more than one storey, you probably have a staircase: in an entrance hall or even in your living room. Usually, you see it only as a practical way to take you upstairs. Sometimes, you resent your staircase because it is boring, or ugly. But instead of seeing your stairs as an eyesore, you could make them stand out with a splash of fresh paint.

Why not try out one of these creative ways to paint your stairs?

✔️Paint the whole staircase in a single, bold color or soft pastels

✔️Try painting each riser in a different brilliant color. One of those little sample cans would probably be enough for each step.

✔️Give it an amazing ombre effect.

✔️For a really bold look, paint a pattern that repeats on each tread.

✔️If you prefer a classic look, paint a staircase runner…

✔️…Or nautical stripes.

✔️You can also create a reverse stairs runner: instead of painting the middle of the stairs, paint the edges, so the ‘runner’ is the natural wood color.

✔️Paint only a front part of each step, leaving a natural wood colour on each tread.

To have a sustainable effect, use special floor paints, i.e. Pure & Original, FloorPaint Regular. They are designed for use inside, on floors and stairs, and characterised by high coverage and abrasion resistance.

Source photos: Pinterest

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