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GO OUTSIDE – Creative And Unique Outdoor Dining Space Ideas

mei 30, 2016 door Justyna

Everybody is fond of nature, and there can be no better idea than having outdoor dining space. It is the best choice if you have a backyard, patio or even a bigger balcony. In the hot spring and summer days, when everything is green and gorgeous, there is no better place to spend your free time with family and friends, than outdoor.


Make your outdoor living space as comfortable as possible by adopting the following advice:

MAKE A PLAN: Remember you’re out to create a cohesive look, like making house and garden join seamlessly with continuous concrete floors and separated only by glass doors. Choose furniture that reflects the style of your house interior and exterior.

MAKE IT WEATHERPROOF: Design the outdoor dining room to accommodate a changing weather: think about creating a shadow for the hot afternoons, adding separation to keep the wind away or extra lights for the summer evenings.

HARMONIZE COLORS: An outdoor dining space needs a harmonious color palette that will work well with the colors used in your living room. Think about the color of the furniture but also the color of the plants, flooring, and surrounding walls.utdoor

CREATE A RIGHT SPHERE: Even in a small space it is important to create intimacy and coziness. Place planters and garden decor close to the dining area. Anything to create interest and add a splash of color!

REFLECT YOURSELF: Whether you’re designing your own outdoor space or asking a designer to handle the job, be sure that it reflects who you are.

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