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SUMMERTIME – 5 Ways to Bring the Joy of Summer In Your Home

juli 4, 2016 door Justyna

We all know that the Dutch summer can be temperamental at the best of times. One day it’s hot and sunny (yippy!), the next the temperatures drop and the rain sets in. Maintaining that summer feel (along with a cheerful outlook) can at times feel like a bit of a struggle, so it makes sense to see if we can bring some of that summer feel inside.


There are several styles that are reminiscent of everything summer: the tropical look, the Ibiza boho look, as well as beach house look. Whilst I’m not saying you should throw everything out and completely overhaul your home for the season, taking elements from these looks and incorporating them into your home will help to bring some of that summer feeling indoors.

So, let’s look at some changes that can be made in your home, which will make you feel a summer vibe.

Let your walls blush

If you’ve been thinking about redecorating and repainting your walls anyway, then why not do it right now? Whilst whites and greys will never go out of fashion, if you’re looking for something more colorful (without being overwhelming) then something subtle like ‘blush’ (Pantone Rose Quartz) is ideal. Not too sickly sweet, grown up, elegant and warm, this is the perfect color to bring some summer warmth into your home. It composes very nice with light blue (Pantone Serenity) and tropical green.

Integrate natural materials

When it comes to furniture (and if you’re looking to exchange a piece right now), bamboo, raffia or cane pieces are perfect. They have a feel of “easy summer living” and can break up a room that might otherwise look a little too formal.

Exchange your rug or do away with it completely. I’m not saying throw out your old carpet; it can be cleaned and stored away for the colder months, but think about bringing in something a little more colorful made from natural materials. Woven cotton rugs are generally a great choice, as are jute and sisal.

Give your living space an easy breezy air

Change your heavy curtains and woolly blankets for lighter fabrics. Play with soft colors and light cotton or linen. The same goes for the cushions on your sofa; just new covers will give your sofa a completely new and fresh look without having to go through the expense of buying a new sofa.

Remember, yellow is the color

From butter to citron lemon and punchy sunflower, the wide spectrum of yellow shades gives you flexibility in designing rooms with a feel-good ambiance. Yellow accents can create an amazing effect and bring a smile to your face.

Play with tropical prints

Tropical blooms and floral patterns will never get boring. In fact, come summer they remind us of exotic warm countries and bring vacation feeling. The beauty of the exotic prints can be found in their versatility – you can go bold with focal wallpaper or you can add just one punchy accent to your living room, both will craft a striking effect.

Welcome this new season with these summer decorating ideas to freshen up your home decor. Ready for a more serious makeover? Reach out to a professional for interior design help.





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