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What is trendy in Christmas decorations?

december 1, 2017 door Justyna

Just a few more weeks, and it is Christmas! A wonderful time of joy and cheer, along with a lot of presents, and food! And a great opportunity to bring some magic with festive decorations and turn your home into a wonderland. If you are completely mystified for the choice of themes, textures, colors, and decorative ideas, you are not alone! Well, here is your picture-perfect guide for 2017. For each interior style a matching Christmas decoration trend:


Christmas Decorations Trend 1: Frosted Fairytale 

A perfect style for those dreaming of a winter wonderland. Cool and pale blues and pinks are a hot trend this season. These shades can be incorporated with frosted decorations sprinkled with glitter, creating a regal and strong appeal.


Christmas Decorations Trend 2: Love for Nature

Botanical and nature inspired decorations are still very popular in the interior design, and same applies for Christmas time: it is getting even greener. This year are trendy natural decorations: wood pieces, pine cones, acorns, leaves and winter animals. This trend is universal and will look good in every interior.


Christmas Decorations Trend 3: Dark Nordic

Scandinavians definitely know how to make things around you cozy. Often characterized by rich lush greens, reds, whites, and pale woods, Scandinavian design can suit any home. This year, however, it got a bit darker, with mat black and velvet Christmas balls in rich colors: dark green and burgundy. Super stylish and elegant.


Christmas Decorations Trend 4: Urban Edge

Do you love industrial themes and metallics? If yes, then do not stop at golds and silvers! For an amazingly whimsical look use pale wood to add artistry and intricacy to your tree. Also, mix warm industrial materials with metallics such as rose gold and copper for a brass-finished look. This blend will look close in hue to seamless natural wooden finish


Christmas Decorations Trend 5: More than one

A new take on the traditional Christmas decoration, Christmas trees cluster. Create an array of small potted Christmas trees in the window, in the room corner or coffee table or wherever you find it nice.

Pictures Source: Pinterest

Justyna Remijn, Unique Space Creator and Interior Designer at Inside Creations. Justyna with her background in psychology is good in ‘reading’ other people and has excellent skills in understanding client’s needs. Her interior projects are unique and beautiful spaces inspired by her clients and created for their comfort and happiness.



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