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Wall dresscode for 2018 – wallpaper trends

februari 7, 2018 door Justyna

Wallpaper is a relatively simple and inexpensive way, to decorate your home easily and quickly. On the market, there is a wide variety of patterns, colors, and styles to suit all tastes. The wallpaper has the ability to bring a lot of character to a room, and one of its great benefits is that it can easily be exchanged with another pattern or color. This gives a lot of freedom for the decoration of a room afterward. You can experiment with various patterns whenever you want.

Thinking about going the wallpaper route and want to know what are the current trends? Let me inspire you.


Botanical print 

Nature continues to be a huge inspiration for interior design and is visible in botanical patterns. Green and leaf wallpaper prints bring a breath of fresh air to space, while large floral patterns create a fairytale garden feel. 2018 trend represents banana leaves and XXL flowers wallpapers.


Millennial pink and skin tones are the expression of our need to focus on ourselves, to sense and feel cozy. When it comes to your wallpaper, opt for subtle, ashy or pale salmon pinks that will complement a room without overpowering it.

Faux effect

Faux effect wallpaper brings you all of the styles of natural materials without the effort, and you can explore a vast array of realistic looking designs.  Slate, stone and brick wallpaper designs are ideal for adding depth and interest to a room. Try using a faux effect wallpaper to create a feature wall in a kitchen or dining room, or showcase your fireplace with a natural, rustic backdrop.

Brass and metallic

The great thing about metallic accessories is the warmth they bring to a room. With this in mind, have you considered metallic wallpaper? Choose a wallpaper with graphic or abstract pattern in gold or brass to keep it bright, warm and on-trend.

Safari theme

The safari decor trend takes advantage of cream and neutrals, mixing with earthy tones. To really go all out on the safari trend, make a statement with bold animal print wallpaper.

Pictures Source: Pinterest

Justyna Remijn, Unique Space Creator and Interior Designer at Inside Creations. Justyna with her background in psychology is good in ‘reading’ other people and has excellent skills in understanding client’s needs. Her interior projects are unique and beautiful spaces inspired by her clients and created for their comfort and happiness.

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