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Why Blue on Blue Monday?

januari 21, 2019 door Justyna

Blue Monday, a perfect day to think about the blue colour, especially that blue strongly affects us mentally.

I was always wondering why we actually associate blue with sadness and feeling down, our emotional side? Maybe it is time to change our perspective?


Blue is the colour of the mind and is essentially soothing. But as each color, it has many shades and tones causing a different effect on us.

The strong dark blues will stimulate clear thinking and improve productivity, making it a great color to surround yourself with when studying and working.

Lighter, soft blues will calm the mind, promoting inner serenity, calm and clarity.

When used too much or in wrong combination however it can be perceived as cold, unemotional and unfriendly. But overall it is serene and mentally calming color.

Blue it is also the colour of clear communication, and happens to be the world’s favourite colour! So let’s celebrate blue today, forgetting for a moment it’s negative traits. Wishing you all a productive Blue Monday, full of great ideas!

Pictures Source: Pinterest

Justyna Remijn, Unique Space Creator and Interior Designer at Inside Creations. Justyna with her background in psychology is good in ‘reading’ other people and has excellent skills in understanding client’s needs. Her interior projects are unique and beautiful spaces inspired by her clients and created for their comfort and happiness.

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